Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Continued Revisions, Small Update

 I am continuing work on revising my first ever engine made Level, the sewer defense area.  First some of my old stuff, I didn't know how to work Zbrush back then and didn't really understand UVing fully and was still doing it by hand in Maya, a very slow process but I must say I have gotten very good at it and am glad I learned the fundamentals.  I am adding normal maps to many things this time around and am re-texturing everything 100%.  Here are a few old objects from the scenario -  
These are the new items, some have had slight modifications to their meshes and some have been remodeled entirely, such as the dynamite and the light fixture.  The bottom row dynamite is to show scale of size while the top larger one is just a detail shot since I am really happy with how it came out.  Comments more than welcome on how it's coming along, these are just flat shaded normal mapped for now.

Here are some of my reference images, I am planning on texturing the new cement bags like these in the picture below due to the fact that the color scheme of the bag somewhat matches my new website, also I figure that any cement brand is equally as likely to be in a sewer under construction.

Please comment as always, thanks for looking!


  1. Looking pretty cool, can't wait to see it with zombies running around down there!

  2. Thanks very much Andrew! Don't quite know how to check for comments on blogspot yet and didn't even know this had been posted so sorry for the late reply but thanks again!