Friday, January 27, 2012

Sushi Rolla! (Working Title)

I admit I have gone a bit dormant, I got very far on my building (see previous post.) It is fully textured, normal maps have been baked, and specular maps were well on their way to being finished.  However I was presented with an opportunity I had to jump for.  A fellow graduate of the Art Institute of mine and a good friend Ivan Arellano - proposed we create a mobile platform game to get our careers off the ground.  

So far progress has been well, there was a lot more to work through than we could ever imagine but things are getting close.  In the meantime I needed to take a break to release some of my work for the game thus far and hopefully generate a little bit of interest in it.

All of my assets are high-res assets as they will be pre-rendered for the final game engine. We will be releasing a demo APK file to show off these assets in game soon as well as a bit of gameplay.

Now a little about the game - Sushi Rolla is a platformer collection style game in which you pilot a possessed sushi roll.  Your goal in this game is to rescue your fellow sushi's friends from being eatin as of course they were all fish once.  Along the way plenty of other bits will no doubt get stuck to your roll, and you will end up trying to create the largest roll you can as a bonus objective.  Games will be timed with a goal size and a bonus size.  Currently there is only one story planned, but if successful, this will be turned into an episodic sort of adventure game.