Monday, December 20, 2010

Concept Modeling WIP

Here is a concept by Andrew Ley that I am working on for my next piece, wanted to show my process. This is my first time attempting a sculpt from ZSpheres

The one thing I believe I learned most from this so far is that with ZSpheres you aren't really supposed to build a cage for your mesh to fill in, but more of a blocked out form, a mistake I made and did not go back from, next time time...

Here is the concept I am working from

Comments and Critique Welcome!


  1. I would suggest modeling this in maya or similar. Do a really high poly mesh, model all the rivets and sockets and holes and stuff, and then retopo the low poly over the top.

  2. Would that be because it is a hardsurfaced mesh?


    scroll way down to the making of NOX-2292

    should give you some ideas

  4. oh yes, i have watched the creation of nox many a time, it of course was amazing and very much deserved to win DW4. Hopefully i'll be able to pull something like that off someday, for now i'll finish this up in zbrush when I can get back to it, but I got some freelance work! So I'm happily tied up at the moment, how are you doing workwise?

  5. With a guy who needed some help on the Polycount forums, it's for some TF2 Assets, can't really say anymore than that yet! Thanks for keeping up with my blog and stuff, you are currently the only one and I really appreciate it!