Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Small Break

I have taken a break from my sewer revisions to revise my model of Emma Watson, I was completely unhappy with my first version and it was the first thing I ever worked in within ZBrush so it's to be expected that it wouldn't be that awesome.  Originally she was nude because I did not have time (2 Week Deadline with learning of Zbrush) to model any clothes for her and I was one of the very few who finished texturing my model as well so I was ahead of the class up there with only a few others.  I worked on her face and am going to retexture it tomorrow, once I finished the touchups I decided to go ahead and model her dress, I chose the most elegant dress I had reference photos of and got to it, after about 6 hours I am very proud of my progress.

This is only a bust model by the way.

Please Click the photo for the Full Sized Version

Here are my references

Now for some quick grabs of my sewer level, the base textures are all done, just need to add in some grunge then import to unreal and light the scene...then add a camera track...all one week left to get my demo reel done in time for reviews this coming Thursday....woe is me.

These also have larger versions

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