Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Weekend Warrior

This weekend I kept up work on my building, being ever vigilant to get this done!

I finished up all of the high poly details, now it's time to block out the low poly, layout some UV's, and get to baking!

Before I get to all that though, I wanted to show off some of the stuff I've been hard at work to create, enjoy!

The base of the building without the HP details added in

Huge pic, please click
A few varied bricks that will be placed and tiled

The mortar that will be placed between the bricks, bricks have been tiled as a guide but are lower poly versions

Some detail work above the side door

Detail medallion on the very top of the building's trim
Goes between columns on some levels

A tileable garland for baking

On my polycount thread it was suggested that my previous detail pieces looked a little shaky.  While I couldn't start over entirely since I wasn't using any alphas (hand sculpting) I cleaned it up a good bit and felt it was worth reshowing.

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